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I will be attending the Natiional Hispanic Institue Texas Lorenzo De Zavala Youth Legislative Session. LDZ an intensive leadership program in which fellow students debate and create legislative proposals, some of which have become state policy. The LDZ program provides young leaders education on government and the legislative process as well as skills in communication and leadership. The National Hispanic Institute is an establishment committed to fostering political involvement and leadership in the Hispanic community by connecting and inspiring a community of individuals committed to being the voice of the Latino people in politics. To attend this program, I am fundraising part of the program cost. I would like to ask for any kind of donation that can be made in my name towards the program cost to the National Hispanic Institute. Any amount would be appreciated as well as any kind of donation that can be made for program participants. I am also available to raise fees for the program cost through jobs or tasks for donations to NHI to work towards program costs. I would be happy to meet in person before our after our program to let you know more about the program, myself, and the community initiatives I will be engaged in.







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Evelyn Gomez
Evelyn Gomez
Date: July 31, 2019


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