Julian Reyna- 2019 Celebracion Conference

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I am fundraising for a round trip from Chicago to San Antonio for both my chaperone and myself. The money will also be used to partially pay for my tuition to attend the Celebracion conference. There is a link below with more information:


It would be a great honor to participate in this program, as doing the first NHI program at the Midwest Great Debate, was a huge eye opener for me. I devoted myself to every minute of the program, and learned to love it, through sweat, and even through the scary anxieties before competing in our rounds. My confidence skyrocketed, I found my voice. When I heard about Celebracion, shortly after winning the final Cross Examination Round. I was excited and immediately felt like I had to go. I asked my parents, but they were reluctant when they discovered that the price obviously would surpass 425, for the flight. We found out about this opportunity to fund for this cause and though it was a great idea. It would be magnificent if anyone were to help this cause. Thank you very much!





This campaign is no longer active, thanks for your support!

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Evelyn Gomez
Evelyn Gomez
Date: August 05, 2019

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