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Hello, My name is Valentina Hernandez, I am currently a sophomore in high school. This upcoming summer I am planning on attending the California LDZ. I would really appreciate it if you could please help me fundraise money for my LDZ.


Ever since I was introduced to National Hispanic Institute I have been very passionate about becoming a leader for my community. I attended the Texas Great Debate this past summer and it was an unforgettable experience. At the Great Debate, I was invited to come back and attend Celebracion in San Antonio Tx, which further helped me step out of my comfort zone. This is why I would like to continue my path as an NHIer. I am very excited and looking forward to attending the Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session this summer 2020. I applied and was accepted into the California LDZ. Although I am already registered, I still need to pay the fee for my spot to be secured. I am a triplet and both of my siblings are also planning on attending the LDZ this summer. Due to this, the total fee would end up being over three thousand dollars, including registration fee. Unfortunately, right now, my family cannot afford to even pay the full amount for one of us, nonetheless the total amount for all three of us. Any funds donated, no matter how big or small, would help my family's goal of continuing our NHI journey. You would not only be investing in my future, but you would be investing in a leader for our community. If you want to learn more on what you will be donating towards please visit these websites:





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Evelyn Gomez
Evelyn Gomez
Date: December 02, 2019


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