Fátima's Program Tuition for the 2020 CWS

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Since the summer to my sophomore year, I have taken part in the National Hispanic Institute's summer program. Through these programs I have learned so much and met some of my best friends that live all across continent. I've learned how articulate my ideas, advocate for myself, and never give up. This year, Lake County NHIers no longer have the scholarship we've received in the past; therefore, my family and I must pay for the whole tuition (and a plane ticket!) ourselves. I would appreciate any amount that you can give as this will be my last NHI program as a participant.


Desde el verano a mi segundo año de la high school, he asistido los programas de National Hispanic Institute. En estos programas he aprendido mucho y conocido a mis mejores amigos que viven por todo el continente. En estos programas he aprendido como articular mis ideas, defenderme, y no darme por vencida. Este año los estudiantes de Lake County no recibiremos la beca que hemos recibido antes. Entonces mi familia y yo tendremos que pagar toda la matricula (y un boleto de avión!). Apreciaré cualquier aumento que me pudiera dar como es mi ultimo programa como participante.





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Evelyn Gomez
Evelyn Gomez
Date: December 16, 2019

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