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My goal is to raise $925.00 USD. The funds received will be used towards tuition for attending NHI's LDZ program, "Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session (LDZ) experience designed for future community leaders. https://www.nationalhispanicinstitute.org/ldz/. After attending the first year's program of NHI, The Great Debate, I have learned skills such as; advance communication, managing in a multicultural environment of students, expressing my ideas amongst my pears, increasing self-confidence in public speaking, increase my capacities to think critically and analytically and learn to use self-evaluation as a tool for improvement. https://www.nationalhispanicinstitute.org/great-debate/. In furthering my education, the monies raised will be applied towards tuition to attend the second year of NHI's program, the LDZ. The opportunity to take part in this eight-day intensive leadership program will be filled with the chance to learn how to navigate, manage and create large organizations by taking charge of our own youth government and proposing future community policies and projects. https://www.nationalhispanicinstitute.org/ldz/.




This campaign is no longer active, thanks for your support!

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Chris Nieto
Chris Nieto
Date: February 27, 2020


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