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"Friends, family, students, educators, and partners, the world is changing rapidly and constantly before us, more so than it already did before COVID-19, forcing everyone to react and adjust. The National Hispanic Institute is no exception. We realize that the cancellations of our 2020 in-person programs have already changed the face of what our summers are. However, we refuse to let that interfere with our development as responsible, model leaders for our communities. While NHI Headquarters continues to refine digital NHI summer experiences, smaller organized NHI communities across the country need your help to continue supporting our local NHI families and students. The Compacts of the East Coast, in partnership with the Compacts of the Midwest, are announcing the NHI State of Mind project. Through the use of Social Media, video, and digital platforms, the East Coast and Midwest compacts will hold a theme-based digital competition. Participants will devise responses and solutions to a predetermined prompt related to our Latino community in these new times. Both regions will also be leading a fundraising effort for our communities in the East Coast, Midwest, and Puerto Rico. All money raised in this effort will be used to fund NHI State of Mind or for these regions directly, either through funding operation costs or NHI’s Hispanic Youth Fund that serves to support the student investment in tuition. The NHI community, from first-year students to our oldest alumni and board members, has always prided itself on its family values. This is our chance to practice what we preach and promote our legacy. As the world around us is faced with a situation that’s almost movie-like, we must all ask ourselves: “What can I do to make sure the good in this world is not sidelined?”"




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Chris Nieto
Chris Nieto
Date: May 08, 2020

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