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For close to 40 years, the National Hispanic Institute has dedicated its work to changing lives. Over 90,000 youth from across the nation and different Latin American countries have participated in the NHI experience. Today, as many as 3,000 new youth a year make leadership part of their lives through participating in NHI summer programs.

Change a Life provides NHI alumni, friends and supporters with a means to help NHI further its efforts.

Healthy, successful communities need constant sources of well-educated and skilled leaders to address complex human challenges. NHI remains commmitted to these efforts, but we know that the work cannot be accomplished alone. The sustained support of those who are familiar with the NHI experience and recognize its value is needed. We invite you to become a sustaining member of NHI's Change a Life and help in one of various ways:

  • Support the attendance of a high school student who gains admission to one of NHI's summer leadership programs but needs financial help to cover the program's tuition.
  • Support a volunteer's travel to and from an NHI summer program site.
  • Help defray costs associated with funding a JFL Fellow internship.
  • Support the general operating costs of NHI summer programs.
  • Support NHI's development endowment program.

Sustaining Members make it possible for NHI to be more responsive and timely in addressing organizational challenges. We invite you to give $20, $50, $100, $500, or more, twice a year. Your gift will make a significant difference in moving our missioin forward.

If we truly believe in our young as future community leaders, we must also choose to invest in their development, so we can help bolster their success.

Generous donations like yours make the work of the National Hispanic Institute possible. Can we count on you to help change a life?




This campaign is no longer active, thanks for your support!

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Dylan Besteiro
Date: March 31, 2016

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