Fundraiser NHI Panama

El próposito de este fundraiser es poder brindarle el apoyo económico a estudiantes de escuelas publicas o escuelas privadas para que puedan tener la experiencia unica de participar en un programa de liderazgo de tan alto nivel, como los es LDZ Las Américas. Con su apoyo, le podremos dar esta oportunidad a muchachos, que de...

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Change a Life

For 40 years, the National Hispanic Institute has dedicated its work to changing lives. Over 90,000 youth from across the nation and different Latin American countries have participated in the NHI experience. Today, as many as 3,200 new youth a year make leadership part of their lives through participating in NHI...

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LDZ Summer Program- Maria Santibanez

The money is needed because my family doesn’t have too much to spend on a trip for me. This money will be used to pay off my tuition for the LDZ Summer Program this year. LDZ is an 8 day leadership program that focuses on certain skills such as speaking. More information can be found in...

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NHI Laredo Transportation Expenses for 2019
(This campaign is no longer active)

This money is needed to pay for a charter bus that will transport NHI at Laredo to and from Laredo and Austin for the 2019 Texas Ambassador Great Debate that will be taking place at the University of Texas.

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NHI Great Debate- Dacia Marquez
(This campaign is no longer active)

Funds will be utilized to satisfy the remaining balance owed to attend NHI in Texas. The Texas Star Great Debate focuses on students from southern Texas and parts of Northern Mexico. Nominees who gain admission will be integrated into the organization’s general candidate outreach program. Goals of Texas Star Great Debate:...

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LDZ and NHI- Cebastian Anthony Marquez
(This campaign is no longer active)

2019 Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session (LDZ), an eight-day developmental training program on governance, communication, leadership, networking, and management skills among Latino youth. Cebastian is responsible for completing the US$895 tuition. Annually, students marshal their tuition with contributions from their...

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NHI LDZ- Cristal Moreno
(This campaign is no longer active)

The money will be used to pay for a portion of the program for Cristal Moreno. She needs the money to pay for the rest of her tuition which is needed in order to attend the Lorenzo de Zavala program. This will be a continuation to the Great Debate program she attended last summer in which she won second place in the oratory...

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Alumni Choice Student Awards Trophies
(This campaign is no longer active)

The Alumni Association annually honors 12 dynamic students during Celebración. Students are selected for outstanding participation, creativity, determination and overall leadership skills displayed during Celebración. This year the Alumni Association has commissioned Austin artist and NHI Alumna, Carina Boston to redesign...

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Parent Fund
(This campaign is no longer active)

As a parent of an NHI alumnus, we would like to invite you to participate in our Parent Fund Project. This fund is intended to encourage parents to continue investing in our future leaders. Donate in honor of a son or daughter, or all of your children who attended our programs. Whether you invest $25, $100, $200 or more, every...

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